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” This thing has been a life saver. When I was prgnant and had terrible back pain the only thing that helped was having a heating pad on 24/7. I had to drive from St. Louis to Chicago a few times and this thing made it so I could have my heating pad, don’t know if I could have made that drive with out this. Charged cell phones really fast too, runs with no noise does not get hot when running 

Julie F.

” I work in construction and I will often need to use my truck as a mobile office. This little power inverter handles my computer and cell phone at the same time with no problem. It is quiet and it charges quickly. I usually for get it and let it roll around on the floor until I need it again, so it is definitely durable as well. I have been using this power inverter for about a year now and I would say it is definitely a great value for the money.”

Sean M.

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