UPC: 611419537539

Our Universal AVAPOW EV Chargers are carefully designed, safe and reliable EV Charge Stations. Don’t just take our word for it feel free to search for our UL listed and ENERGY STAR certifications. Charge in the future with our rapid 25 foot level 2 EV charger which features a universal J1772 charger that works with all plug-in EVs including Tesla with an adapter. Easy installation mounting bracket with a slim, compact & modern design. Ease of use with our state-of-the-art technology and app, manage any time anywhere. Charge in door, outdoor and manage charging in commercial spaces with our built in RFID Key Card system. The AVAPOW level 2 charger is a simple plug-and-charge solution for the basic needs of charging your vehicle at home, on the go or for your commercial work place.