• UPC:786368390686
  • NEXPOW Dedicated 2-in-1 Tool:

Switch effortlessly between grass shear and hedge trimmer functionalities with the blade release buttons. The short blade (Width of 6.81 Inches) is perfect for cutting grass and small sections of lawns, while the long blade (Length of 8.89 inches) tackles thin shoots on hedges, bushes, trees, and ornamental shrubs. The cordless design, with battery and charger included, allows for efficient lawn edging and shrub trimming.

  • Double Safety Lock Features:

Prioritizing user safety, the NEXPOW hedge trimmer comes with blade guards and a safety switch to prevent accidental injuries. The upper trigger safety lock-out prevents unintentional starts. Press the trigger lock and trigger simultaneously to operate the shrubbery trimmer. Blade switching is tool-free – simply press the buttons on both sides.

  • Portable, Cordless & Durable:

Operate with ease and maneuverability for extended periods with this cordless hedge trimmer. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, and its compact and flexible design makes it easy to carry for any small gardening job. The steel blades ensure a sharp and long-lasting cutting edge, and cleaning after use is recommended.

  • Rechargeable Battery with Level Indication:

Powered by a rechargeable and detachable lithium battery (24V 1500mAh), the hedge trimmer is hassle-free to use. Fully charged in 2 hours, it provides approximately 60 minutes of working time. The battery level indication ensures uninterrupted gardening/pruning tasks.

  • Adjustable Head & High Powerful Motor:

The adjustable machine head with 3 angles (15°, 30°, and 45°) offers flexibility to cut grass in tight areas, providing a comfortable mowing experience. The high-power 1200rpm no-load speed ensures optimal cutting results, making your mowing tasks simpler and more efficient.