Experience the frustration of a failing start car no more. Introducing the NIOPOW V1 car battery jump starter, your ultimate solution. With an impressive 5000A Peak, this compact jump box pack can start almost any consumer vehicle on the road, including All Gas and 12L Diesel Engines. Keep it in your trunk for instant vehicle rescue, anytime, anywhere.The NIOPOW V1 jump starter stands out with its large and easy-to-read display screen. No more struggling with tiny readouts! It also features a built-in 3-mode LED light, providing assistance in the dark or emergencies. Moreover, it can power 12V DC car accessories like tire inflators and car vacuums, making it a versatile companion. The NIOPOW V1 jump starter has gained high praise for its reliability and powerful starting performance. Its compact design delivers an impressive 5000 peak amps, ensuring a strong start every time. What sets it apart is its superior build quality and excellent storage case. The well-organized case and thicker, more durable cables make it a must-have for emergencies and an ideal choice for charging your electronics.